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A. Definitions
“Platform”: The Amazelinks platform that is accessible at https://amazelinks.com/

“Company”: The owner and operator of the Platform [Globyworks Ventures PC, Vouliagmenis Avenue 58, 16673, Voula-Athens, GR]
“Services”: The services furnished by the Platform, including but not limited to file storage and transer, agreement signing and data sharing.
“User”: Any natural or legal person who creates a Amazelinks account and may use the Services.
“Digital File”: Any file that the User uploads on the Platform in order to use the services
“Vault”: The secure online location of the User’s Digital Files (also called myUploads in Toroblocks)
“Copyright Registration”: The technical process of guaranteeing time specific proof of existence of the Users’ Digital Files. The Copyright Registration is implemented via CW-Chain, the Company’s innovative timestamping system. More information on CW-Chain can be found here.
“Certificate of Registration”: The document provided by Toroblocks to the Users certifying the registration of the Users’ Digital Files in the Platform. When the user is also the rights owner of the registered file, then this becomes a Certificate of Ownership.
“Monitoring”: Toroblocks’s service that constantly crawls the web, identifies and reports back when someone uses publicly the Digital Files. The identification of the Digital Files’ content is provided for text and non-moving images. (also called Monitoring)

​ B. User Account
Users may have to create an account on the Platform to be granted access to all or some of the Services. Users will have to select their login credentials [login name and password].

User accounts are strictly personal and non-transferable in whole or in part. Users may not allow the use of their account to third parties [e.g. by means of sharing their log-in credentials]. Users are obligated to keep their login credentials confidential. Users may not use the account of other persons or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Platform and/or the Services.

Users guarantee the validity and accuracy of the information that they provide to the Platform and undertake the obligation to update such information whenever necessary.

Legal persons can create an account through their legal representative or any other authorized person. The Company does not control the validity of the legal persons’ representation or authorization. Individuals that attempt to represent legal persons or other individuals without authorization can be held liable to the Company. ​

C. Conclusion of a Contract
By creating an account Users accept the Terms of Service and enter a legally binding agreement with the Company.

The Terms of Service apply uniformly to all Users. Individual agreements prevail over the Term of Service only if recorded in writing.

The Company may modify the Terms of Service at any time at its sole discretion. Users will be prompted to accept the modifications. The Company may block or terminate access of the User to the Platform or any of the Services should the User fail to accept the modifications.

​ D. User Obligations
Users shall not use the Platform and/or the Services for unlawful purposes.

Users shall not disrupt the operation of the Platform and/or the Services or interfere with servers of the Company.

Users shall not attempt to upload or process anything through the Platform that contains malware, or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy, or limit the functionality of the Platform and/or the Services. The Company has the right to delete immediately and permanently such file or other digital material.

Users shall not upload to the Platform any Digital Files with illegal or infringing content, including content that infringes copyrights, personality rights, privacy rights, trade secrets or other rights of third parties. The Company has the right to delete immediately and permanently such file or other digital material. Users shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Company from any and all losses for infringement of said rights. Users shall pay to the Company any amount that the Company shall be ordered to pay to any third party, as well as compensate the Company for any material damage and moral prejudice.

Users shall always store locally and maintain a copy for back-up purposes of the Digital Files that are uploaded in the Vault. The Platform’s intended operation is not one of a file hosting provider/ cyberlocker. The Company does not offer file hosting services. The Digital Files are uploaded and stored on the Platform for the sole purpose of furnishing the Services.

​ E. Provided Services
I. Introduction
The Company will use its best endeavors to ensure that the Platform and the Services will be available and operational at all times. However, the Platform and/or the Services may occasionally be unavailable for maintenance or because of unexpected and unforeseen technical issues or failure to provide a service from third party service providers.

The Company shall not be held liable for any unavailability of the Platform and/or the Services unless such unavailability can be ascribed to intentional or grossly negligent conduct of the Company.

The Company may change the way it's services are being provided (technically or other) via the Platform at any time.

The Company shall have the right to discontinue the operation of the Platform and the furnishing of the Services at any time. Should this be the case, the Company shall inform the Users per e-mail and set a reasonable time period, during which the Users will be able to download any Digital Files stored in their Vault. After the end of this time period the Company shall have the right by sole decision to Soft delete or delete permanently all Digital Files of the Users.

Failure to renew the subscription to the Services shall terminate the furnishing of Services thereof to the Users. Users that choose not to renew their subscription will be given a reasonable time period, during which they will be able to download any Digital Files stored in their Vault. After the end of this time period the Company shall have the right by sole decision to Soft delete or delete permanently all Digital Files of the Users.

​ II. Copyright registration
The purpose of Copyright Registration as a Service is to guarantee time specific proof of existence of the Users’ Digital Files [digital timestamping].

Copyright protection is recognized and afforded under the conditions set out in national and international copyright laws. Users are informed that Copyright Registration does not provide proof that the content of the Digital File is copyright protected subject matter.

The conditions of authorship or copyright ownership of copyrighted subject matter are determined by national and international copyright laws and private agreements. Users are informed that Copyright Registration does not provide proof that the User is the real author or other rights holder of the copyright in the subject matter contained in the digital file.

With few exceptions, national copyright laws afford copyright protection without the need to comply to any formalities. Users are informed that Copyright Registration is not a condition to receive copyright protection in the content of the Digital Files.

After Copyright Registration the Company will issue a downloadable and printable Certificate of Registration for the content of each Digital File. The Certificate of Registration will be available in the User’s dashboard in the Platform.

III. Digital file Use Monitoring
The Company shall use its best endeavors to ensure that the Monitoring system identifies online uses of the content contained in the Digital Files to the maximum extent possible. Users recognize and accept that some online uses of the content contained in the Digital Files might not be identified by the Monitoring system. The Company shall not be liable for any failure to identify an online use of the content contained in the Digital Files unless such failure can be ascribed to intentional or grossly negligent conduct of the Company.

The frequency and territorial extent of crawling undertaken by the Defender shall be determined by the Vault Plan purchased by the User. .

IV. No legal services
The Platform does not provide legal advice or legal services and the Company is not a law firm. Use of the Platform and/or the Services shall not constitute an attorney-client relationship between the Users and the Company.

Users should not act upon the information on the Platform or the Services, or decide not to act based upon such information, without first seeking appropriate professional counsel from an attorney licensed in the Users’ jurisdiction.

​ F. Fees
All fees for the Services are posted on the Platform. The Company shall have the right to raise or lower the fees at its sole discretion and with immediate effect. Services already paid for shall not be affected by such alterations.

Users may request refunds within 30 days of any purchase. After that period (of 30 days) no refunds shall be issued by the company.

Fees shall not be refunded to the User as long as the Services are furnished. ​

G. Intellectual Property
The Digital Files and all copyright protected subject matter contained therein remain intellectual property of the Users.

Users grant Company a non-exclusive, perpetual, global and transferable license to use the Digital Files and any copyright protected subject matter contained therein for the purposes of the operation of the Platform and the furnishing of the Services [including. a license to make copies, a license scan and create back up files, a license to share at Users’ request].

All Meta-Data generated by the Company are property of the Company. The Company has an unlimited right to store, use, transfer, license, sell, disclose or delete the Meta-Data.

Unless otherwise noted, all materials, including but not limited to images, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, video clips, software, and written and other materials that are part of the Platform or any other website of the Company are protected under copyright laws and are the trademarks, trade dress and/or other intellectual properties owned, controlled, or licensed by the Company. No part of these materials may otherwise be copied, reproduced, stored, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, now known or hereafter invented, without the prior written permission from the Company.

Acts of Text and Data Mining on the Platform are not permitted. The copyright exception for Text and Data Mining shall not apply to the Platform or any other website of the Company [see Art. 4 para. 3 Directive (EU) 790/2019].

​ H. Disclaimers and Liability
The Company does not guarantee the availability or usability of the Platform and/or the Services. In particular, the Company neither guarantees the outcome of copyright litigation or negotiations for an out-of-court settlement nor that courts or other authorities will recognize the reliability and validity of the Copyright Registration, the Certificate of Registration, the Defender reports, the Court Report or any other document, process or system provided by the Company and shall not be liable to the Users in such a case.

I. Access Blocking and Account Termination
In the event of any violation of the Terms of Service, Company may block or terminate access of the User to the Platform or any of the Services.

J. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
Unless otherwise provided by a mandatory law the contract between the Users and the Company and any contractual or non-contractual claims arising thereof shall be governed by Greek Law with the exception of conflict of law rules, and the Courts of Athens, Greece shall have international jurisdiction for any disputes between the Company and the Users.

About us

One link to rule them all

Amazelinks is a new service by Toroblocks, that aims to revolutionise the way creative agencies share proposals, data, and collect payments. Our platform will enable agencies worldwide to share proposals and data with protection, sign NDAs and contracts, and collect payments automatically just by sharing a single link.

1. Share your files securely, while protecting and monitoring them on the blockchain for unauthorised use:

We allow users to securely share files with specific recipients. Our copyright protection on blockchain offers unparalleled security and peace of mind for creators and businesses alike. By leveraging blockchain technology, we provide a tamper-proof and transparent record of all transactions, ensuring that your intellectual property is protected around the clock, worldwide (coming).
But that's not all - our platform also includes 24/7 monitoring features that keep a watchful eye on the web for any unauthorised use or infringement of your material. Our system automatically flags and notifies you of any potential violations, empowering you to take quick action and protect your intellectual property (add-on).

2. Sign agreements and NDAs before sharing:

Our service provides users with the option to sign agreements before sharing files. This is particularly useful for businesses or individuals who need to ensure that recipients agree to certain terms and conditions before accessing the shared files. The agreements can be customised to suit specific needs and can include details such as the purpose of the file sharing, the intended use of the shared files, and confidentiality clauses.

3. Collect payments with one click (coming):

Amazelinks also allows users to collect payments with just one click. This feature is particularly useful for businesses or individuals who offer paid services or products, and need to collect payments before or after sharing sensitive documents or files. The payment process is simple and convenient, and can be completed within the file sharing service. This eliminates the need for users to use separate payment processing tools, which can be time-consuming and inconvenient.

ps. Free service includes 3-day self-destructed links up to 1GB per share.

Transform your Business with Amazelinks



As a business owner, we understand the challenges you face daily when it comes to managing proposals, sharing data, signing contracts, and collecting payments from clients. Moreover, protecting your intellectual property in today's digital landscape is more critical than ever. At Amazelinks, we believe in empowering businesses like yours with innovative solutions that streamline your operations, safeguard your valuable assets, and help you focus on what you do best: delivering exceptional products and services.


Introducing Amazelinks, a game-changing platform designed specifically for businesses like yours, with features that address your most pressing pain points:


Simplified Proposal Management: No more juggling multiple documents, formats, or email threads. With Amazelinks, you can create, share, and track your proposals in one unified platform. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to collaborate with your team and present your ideas to clients in a polished and professional manner.


Secure Data Sharing: We understand the importance of protecting your sensitive data and intellectual property. Amazelinks offers robust security features that allow you to share proposals, contracts, and other essential files with confidence, knowing that your data is safe from unauthorized access.


Blockchain-based Copyright Registration: Safeguard your creative work with our innovative copyright registration feature. Amazelinks automatically registers the copyright of all shared files on the blockchain, providing you with a tamper-proof, time-stamped record of your ownership.


24/7 Worldwide Copyright Infringement Monitoring: Ensure your intellectual property rights are protected around the clock. Our platform continuously monitors the internet for instances of copyright infringement, allowing you to take swift action to safeguard your valuable assets. Activated to beta customers atm.


Streamlined Contract Signing: Say goodbye to the hassle of printing, scanning, and emailing contracts. Amazelinks enables you and your clients to sign NDAs, contracts, and other legal documents with just a few clicks, reducing turnaround time and minimizing friction in the negotiation process.


Automated Payment Collection: Chasing down payments is a thing of the past. Amazelinks automates the payment collection process, allowing you to send invoices, set up recurring billing, and receive payments securely and efficiently, all through a single link.


Affordable Pricing: We believe that innovative solutions should be accessible to every business, regardless of size or budget.


We invite you to experience the difference Amazelinks can make for your business. Try it risk-free today and discover how our platform can revolutionize the way you manage proposals, share data, sign contracts, collect payments, and protect your intellectual property.



Transforme o seu Negócio com a Amazelinks

Como proprietário de um negócio, entendemos os desafios que você enfrenta diariamente quando se trata de gerenciar propostas, compartilhar dados, assinar contratos e receber pagamentos dos clientes. Além disso, proteger sua propriedade intelectual no cenário digital de hoje é mais crucial do que nunca. Na Amazelinks, acreditamos em capacitar empresas como a sua com soluções inovadoras que simplificam suas operações, protegem seus ativos valiosos e ajudam você a se concentrar no que faz de melhor: oferecer produtos e serviços excepcionais.


Apresentamos a Amazelinks, uma plataforma revolucionária projetada especificamente para empresas como a sua, com recursos que abordam seus desafios mais urgentes:


Gestão Simplificada de Propostas: Não mais lidar com vários documentos, formatos ou trocas de e-mails. Com a Amazelinks, você pode criar, compartilhar e rastrear suas propostas em uma única plataforma unificada. Nossa interface intuitiva facilita a colaboração com sua equipe e a apresentação de suas ideias aos clientes de maneira profissional e polida.


Compartilhamento Seguro de Dados: Compreendemos a importância de proteger seus dados confidenciais e propriedade intelectual. A Amazelinks oferece recursos robustos de segurança que permitem compartilhar propostas, contratos e outros arquivos essenciais com confiança, sabendo que seus dados estão protegidos contra acesso não autorizado.


Registro de Direitos Autorais Baseado em Blockchain: Proteja seu trabalho criativo com nosso recurso inovador de registro de direitos autorais. A Amazelinks registra automaticamente os direitos autorais de todos os arquivos compartilhados no blockchain, fornecendo um registro à prova de adulteração e com carimbo de data e hora de sua propriedade.


Monitoramento de Violação de Direitos Autorais 24/7 em Todo o Mundo: Garanta que seus direitos de propriedade intelectual estejam protegidos o tempo todo. Nossa plataforma monitora continuamente a internet em busca de casos de violação de direitos autorais, permitindo que você tome medidas rápidas para proteger seus ativos valiosos. Atualmente ativado para clientes beta.


Assinatura Simplificada de Contratos: Diga adeus ao trabalho de imprimir, digitalizar e enviar contratos por e-mail. A Amazelinks permite que você e seus clientes assinem NDAs, contratos e outros documentos legais com apenas alguns cliques, reduzindo o tempo de resposta e minimizando atritos no processo de negociação.


Coleta Automatizada de Pagamentos: A busca por pagamentos é coisa do passado. A Amazelinks automatiza o processo de coleta de pagamentos, permitindo que você envie faturas, configure cobranças recorrentes e receba pagamentos de maneira segura e eficiente, tudo por meio de um único link.


Preços Acessíveis: Acreditamos que soluções inovadoras devem estar ao alcance de todas as empresas, independentemente do tamanho ou orçamento.


Convidamos você a experimentar a diferença que a Amazelinks pode fazer para o seu negócio. Experimente sem riscos hoje mesmo e descubra como nossa plataforma pode revolucionar a maneira como você gerencia propostas, compartilha dados, assina contratos, coleta pagamentos e protege sua propriedade intelectual.



Transforme su negocio con Amazelinks

Como dueño de un negocio, entendemos los desafíos que enfrentas a diario cuando se trata de gestionar propuestas, compartir datos, firmar contratos y recibir pagos de tus clientes. Además, proteger tu propiedad intelectual en el entorno digital de hoy es más crucial que nunca. En Amazelinks, creemos en capacitar a empresas como la tuya con soluciones innovadoras que simplifican tus operaciones, resguardan tus activos valiosos y te permiten centrarte en lo que haces mejor: crear un trabajo excepcional.


Te presentamos Amazelinks, una plataforma revolucionaria diseñada específicamente para empresas como la tuya, con características que abordan tus puntos críticos más apremiantes:


Gestión Simplificada de Propuestas: No más malabares con múltiples documentos, formatos o hilos de correos electrónicos. Con Amazelinks, puedes crear, compartir y dar seguimiento a tus propuestas en una plataforma unificada. Nuestra interfaz intuitiva facilita la colaboración con tu equipo y la presentación de tus ideas a los clientes de manera pulida y profesional.


Compartir Datos de Forma Segura: Entendemos la importancia de proteger tus datos sensibles y propiedad intelectual. Amazelinks ofrece robustas características de seguridad que te permiten compartir propuestas, contratos y otros archivos esenciales con confianza, sabiendo que tus datos están a salvo de accesos no autorizados.


Registro de Derechos de Autor Basado en Blockchain: Protege tu trabajo creativo con nuestra innovadora función de registro de derechos de autor. Amazelinks registra automáticamente los derechos de autor de todos los archivos compartidos en la cadena de bloques, proporcionándote un registro a prueba de manipulaciones con marcas de tiempo de tu propiedad.


Monitorización de Infracción de Derechos de Autor a Nivel Mundial las 24/7: Asegúrate de que tus derechos de propiedad intelectual estén protegidos en todo momento. Nuestra plataforma monitorea constantemente internet en busca de casos de infracción de derechos de autor, lo que te permite tomar medidas rápidas para salvaguardar tus valiosos activos. Actualmente activado para clientes beta.


Firma de Contratos Simplificada: Olvídate de la molestia de imprimir, escanear y enviar contratos por correo electrónico. Amazelinks te permite a ti y a tus clientes firmar NDA, contratos y otros documentos legales con solo unos clics, reduciendo el tiempo de respuesta y minimizando fricciones en el proceso de negociación.


Recolección Automatizada de Pagos: El seguimiento de los pagos es cosa del pasado. Amazelinks automatiza el proceso de cobro de pagos, lo que te permite enviar facturas, configurar pagos recurrentes y recibir pagos de manera segura y eficiente, todo a través de un solo enlace.


Precios Accesibles: Creemos que las soluciones innovadoras deben estar al alcance de todas las empresas, independientemente de su tamaño o presupuesto.


Te invitamos a experimentar la diferencia que Amazelinks puede hacer en tu negocio. Pruébalo sin riesgos hoy mismo y descubre cómo nuestra plataforma puede revolucionar la forma en que gestionas propuestas, compartes datos, firmas contratos, recolectas pagos y proteges tu propiedad intelectual.

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